Team BlueTread is made of thinkers, creators, and problem solvers

We’re not your typical software developer, and we’re proud of it!
Learn how we are different
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The BlueTread story

BlueTread was founded by a group of Florida coast, trail-biking tech-heads, thus our company name: BlueTread. We took the “send it” attitude and “attack position” posture used on biking trails and applied them to innovative software development.

Though our roots may be a bit unconventional, even renegade, we have become experts at identifying core problems and building custom solutions. We have more than 85% client retention to prove it.

We don’t want to be your development vendor, we want to be your business growth partner. We’ve worked alongside clients as they’ve grown from $100M in revenue to over $4 Billion.

Who are we?
We’re bold, we’re plain-spoken, and we’re proactive problem-solvers working for you.

Why work with us?
We believe in helping you evaluate risk and cost vs. reward in every project. It means remaining on course even when the path gets a bit unfamiliar.

Our Values

At BlueTread, our primary goal is to support people; whether our employees, our customers, or in the community. We love to see people reach their full potential.

Our Mission

Solving your business challenges is our sole purpose. It’s the reason we come to work every day.

So, if your business faces a unique development hurdle, and you’re weary of the same alphabet soup responses and cookie-cutter approaches; we’d like to show you what it can be like to work with a solution partner who is bold, authentic, transparent, and even a bit renegade.

The BlueTread team

We are made up of seasoned professionals who are not afraid to get creative, think on our feet, and deliver the very best solution to your business challenges.
Steve Wilcox, CEO-Visionary
Ray Flowers, CTO-Integrator
Robert Morris, Lead developer
Alana Maric, Director of Operations
Jonathan Stuart, Project Manager
Ankeet Gandhi, Business Analyst
Lori Werhane, UX Designer
Shailesh Shringarpure, QA Lead
Anthony Sena, QA Engineer
Leo Higley, QA Engineer
Ben Kaiser, Senior Backend Developer
Ben Foley, Backend Developer
Eric Reed, Backend developer
Shariq Wahidi, Cloud Engineer
Dylan Travis, Lead Frontend Developer
Loi Tran, Frontend developer
Vina Guinto, Project Manager
John Gonzales, Fullstack developer
Chris May, Senior Software Engineer
Jhoan Malonzo, QA Engineer

Fun facts about team Bluetread

61 percent have green thumb
70 percent love dogs
we drink coffee
74 percent are gamers
We have visited 13 states
74 percent are night owls
We have visited 7 countries
65 percent read books
We speak 2 languages on average
68 percent prefer PC computer
59 percent like salty snacks
Employees have been here for 2 years on average
52 percent love the mountains
48 percent want time travel as their superpower
91 percent are right handed
43 percent play a musical instrument

We do, come join us!

BlueTread is a 100% remote, diverse, fully collaborative, growing software company. Come grow with us.

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