BlueTread’s unmatched suite of customizable SaaS products

After more than a decade developing solutions for customers in the healthcare and manufacturing industries, BlueTread is proud to offer our line of SaaS subscription products. Meet BSuite, scheduling and supply solutions designed to to make your business more efficient.

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An intuitive scheduling solution that helps businesses optimize their workforce and reduce administrative overhead; resulting in cost savings and improved employee and customer experiences.
  • Reduces your scheduling time from 
3 minutes to less than 30 seconds

  • Sends automated customer reminders to 
dramatically reduce costly “no shows”

  • Operates with high availability and minimal maintenance

  • Generates a rapid ROI with a low subscription cost

BScheduler is simply a necessary tool for today’s businesses.

BScheduler logoBScheduler software on computer monitor


BSupply is a product re-ordering solution that streamlines the process of fulfilling resupply orders for individuals and facilities. Giving users the ability to confirm inventory supplies and order needs via email or text ensuring faster response.

For your enterprise, BSupply means greater accuracy with less staffing and far lower cost.
BSupply logoBSupply software on computer monitor