BlueTread’s unmatched suite of customizable SaaS products

When you spend more than a decade developing solutions for service providers you imagine better ways to get the job done. So BlueTread is proud to introduce its own line of world-class BSuite SaaS subscription products, designed to let you focus on your customers and not on the logistics of managing their schedules and supplies.
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BSupply is a product re-ordering solution for today’s business. Instead of investing your people resources on the recurring challenge of reaching out to customers to review their supply order by phone, BSupply automates the process for you. Customers can confirm their inventory supply and order needs via email or text ensuring faster response, and less intrusion into your customers’ home time. For your enterprise, BSupply means greater accuracy with less staffing and far lower cost.
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The world’s largest provider of cloud-based software for post-acute healthcare turned to us to create a better scheduling solution for them. That same solution is now available to you and your clients.

Our BScheduler:
  • Reduces your scheduling time from 3 minutes to less than 30 seconds

  • Sends automated patient reminders to dramatically reduce costly “no shows”

  • Operates with high availability and minimal maintenance

  • Generates a rapid ROI with a low subscription cost

BScheduler lets you redeploy your people from completing repetitive, transactional tasks to delivering customer-elevating experiences.

Less cost. More competitive advantage.

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