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What Does a Successful Discovery Project at BlueTread Look Like?

What Does a Successful Discovery Project at BlueTread Look Like?

by Lori Werhane, UX/UI Designer

February 26, 2024

When you begin the process of partnering with a software company to create a technology solution, how do you start? At BlueTread we have created a transparent opportunity for potential customers to see what a final solution could look like. We call it a Discovery Project.

Why is a Discovery Project important?

A Discovery Project ensures that BlueTread and the client are aligned on goals and fosters a great working relationship. Agreeing on the project goals and milestones will assist in streamlining the development work and reduce scope creep.  

At BlueTread, our typical Discovery Team is comprised of the following:

  • Project Manager
  • Product owner
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Technical expert/developer

Essential steps in a successful BlueTread Discovery Project

The first step is to meet with the project stakeholders. We ask a lot of questions, and most importantly, listen to the client’s business objectives, end-user details, and how success will be measured.

We create a list of must-have requirements – MVP as well as a Sky’s The Limit product. If requirements are straightforward, great, if not, our Discovery Team is here to help you build that list.

Our UX/UI team engages and begins the process of research. Depending on the project, that might involve general market research, a competitive analysis, evaluation of an existing product, and a deep dive into a client’s end users – what their pain points might be, what a successful user journey looks like, and what would make an amazing solution to your business challenge.

Concurrently, we set up a conversation around technical requirements with our development team. During this step, we are looking to understand what platforms, integrations, and architecture are currently being used and how BlueTread can lean into what already works. We are also happy to make recommendations.

Now the fun begins. Insights from the research help us determine the best approach to solve a client’s challenges. We create user flows, wireframes, and MVP prototypes to give a glimpse into how a final product might work and look.

In addition to the UI/UX elements, our Discovery Team will create a timeline, scope of work, and budget. Throughout the entire process, we create collaborative spaces to share, listen, and iterate on client feedback.

At BlueTread, we believe every new project is the start of a partnership. A Discovery Project is the beginning of a collaborative relationship we create with every client.

Want to learn more? Reach out to for more information.  

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